It is sort out season

Summer has sadly been and gone and we are in the long bank-holiday less run up to (dare we say it) Christmas. So it’s time for a big sort out in your home office. Anything requiring action – letters, bills etc. store in an on trend vintage style tray – wire mail boxes are very now. Fix a wall of panel pins in the wall above your desk and hang retro metal bulldog clips straight out of the 80′s, perfect for those to-do’s lists, receipts and pictures. You’ll be amazed what a design statement a bin makes – from bright colours to odd shapes, with or with lids, whatever takes your fancy.

Invest in a good office chair – one that looks great and is fully adjustable. It will last you a lifetime and from a back perspective is worth every penny.

Make sure you have plenty of storage – files, boxes etc, and file in subject and date order so you can easily find what you are looking for. Keep records for up to 6 years and shred anything older. Store your most important documents – passports and birth and marriage certificates in a fire proof box.

Now sit back and enjoy your hard work.

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