Blanket Boxes and Storage Trunks

A simple storage solution is making a comeback this year, the blanket box. For those who like the extra detail there is also the option for storage trunks, complete with straps and locks, giving a colonial feel.

If extra storage is needed but space is at a premium or you have an area under a window that just needs an extra something, blanket boxes are perfect, they can be used as a seat and also for storing bedding (as the name suggests), or anything you would prefer hidden from view.

There is a wide variety to choose from, you can choose from the simple yet elegant wicker style to solid wood.  Depending on the style of your room you may choose to go for a luxury leather trunk or an ornate carved design.

They are also great in children’s bedrooms, providing a much needed area for hiding the myriad of toys and games, plus the cuddly toys.  The children’s boxes and trunks can feature fun pictures or you could even buy a plain blanket box and add your own stencils.

Paper Your Way Around Your Home

If you’ve gone looking for wallpaper lately you will have noticed that there is a multitude to choose from, here is the top eight pick from room4interiors, so you can get bang on trend.

  1. All botanical prints, perfect for spring and summer.
  2. Metallic can give a glamorous look to any room.
  3. Wood texture can make rooms seem taller.
  4. Bold anaglypta painted white is bang on trend.
  5. Geometric wallpaper is daring and eye-catching.
  6. Pastel Colours especially in blue, pink and lime.
  7. Tadelakt effect wallpaper, if you unsure what Tadelakt is it is a Moroccan plastering effect.
  8. Exposed brick, this is if you can’t decide which wallpaper to choose, plus it is one of the up-to-the-minute and hottest trends.

Monochrome Mania

If you thought monochrome was a fashion trend stuck in the 60′s, then think again, two tone is back and in a big way, although you can forget about zebra stripes. This is blocks of black and white or wide stripes, giving a striking effect with an edgy impact. Interiors are seeing this wave of monochrome, with furniture and accessories blowing their own trumpets against the fashion designers.

This look is not just for the brave, you can use black and white in any area in your home. From tiles in the kitchen, to our very own modular bedroom furniture, why not have one door white, then the next black, easy to do and outstanding.

Trends for 2011

Trends come and go, the key I find is to follow your heart and only opt for something you adore. Decorating your home is all about sourcing things you love whether they are hot or not. Having said that its important to be aware of whats going on in the world of design and to dip in and out as you so desire.

Colour is huge this year which is fab with yellow being the big hitter this season and replacing green as the key base shade in which to work. Many of us are frightened of yellow and yet its such a pick me up colour I get a little obsessed. From flowers, to cushions, to ceramics in every one of my rooms you will find a dash of yellow. Having just returned from one of the largest accessory shows in the world in Paris patterns are again back in vogue. Think stripes, big repeats, pretty florals, blurry watercolour style prints and big bold geometrics. Rather than opting for one or two mix the whole lot together to create a bright happy pad. Confused don’t be decorating is personal there are no hard and fast rules just follow your heart.

Blue Tone

As with fashion there is always a new trend to be found within interior design and if you have had your eyes peeled you will have noticed the gorgeous blue tones that have been making an appearance.

Blue can be used virtually anywhere in the home and with the striking colour of indigo blue making its appearance for the New Year; you can see why it would make a stunning impact in the bedroom. Teamed with crisp whites, you’ll have warmth and brightness at the same time, add white glossy wardrobes into the mix and you will have a bedroom you won’t want to leave in a hurry.

Three of the latest trends we are all talking about

We’ve identified three of the latest trends taking the interiors world by storm:

  1. Peacock chic. Adorning rooms with extravagant peacock patterns and colours (for the less superstitious amongst us of course). Our favourites included Peacock crockery, arranging Peacock feathers in stylish vases, Peacock shaped mirrors, table cloths and pillows. This trend can run through every room in your house.
  2. Animals are big – but without the responsibility! No you don’t need to go to your local pound, or ring up your local Cats protection league. We’re talking statues, paintings, rugs. Everything from Bulldogs to Pelicans.
  3. Vintage – it’s going nowhere people so invest. Bottles, Fabrics & Lace, Furniture, Jewellery and Clothing. It’s soft-palettes crazy and it’s hear to stay, so why not embrace it.

Embracing this sense of deja vu

Its safe to say we are having a deja vu moment currently, and the trend for all things retro and vintage is showing no signs of waning. Everything from Brigitte Bardot style sunglasses and nautically striped tops, to psychedelic nail varnishes in the latest hot oranges and electric blues are gracing our bodies. So why not truly embrace the trend and dress your home to boot? Our White and Cream gloss wardrobes scream 1960s, and teamed together with loud retro graphics and aged leather trunks will create you the perfect haven to transport you back to those heady care-free days. Although retro is all about wild graphics and fabrics in bold geometric patterns, to keep your bedroom a balanced, calm and tranquil place set these against a neutral background, keeping walls, flooring and furniture (wardrobes, drawers and bedside tables) white or cream. Don’t be afraid to mix your colours up a bit – the retro style is carefree colour wise and embraces reds with pinks and oranges and a little bit of avocado green thrown in there. Just mix your patterns with some solid colours so as not to overpower. Don’t be afraid to mix and match – a bit of modern with a bit of retro to create a truly unique space.

Sweet Pastels for 2010

If you have ever thought using pastels was a bit sickly sweet for a modern day home, it is now time to change your mind or at the very least for you to entertain the possibility of these gorgeous sorbets of texture and shade entering your abode.

The ideal use of pastels, apart from in a childs bedroom is to use them to accentuate rooms qualities, you can use powder blues and pinks to lighten a dark corner, even in the form an armchair recovered in a fabric of peach, pink, maybe a light green. If you are unsure what pastels work well together, then you need not look any further than your local cosmetics counter to see how palettes of eye shadow work together, these can provide great inspiration.

Also pastels work very well with dark wooden furniture; it can bring the wood to life and allow you to easily see the structure and design of a piece of furniture. Its also worth buying a selection of chalk in various pastel shades and getting some A4 paper and colouring the paper in one shade and then holding it against a piece of furniture to see which shade looks best for your room and your furniture. If you don’t want to use chalks why not pop to you local DIY store and pick up a selection of small paint pots and use the same method to choose your wall colourings.

Bringing pastels into the home other than in a childs room, maybe only for the brave, however, the gorgeous range of colours available and the refreshing nature of them will make a great addition after those long dark wintry months.

Tiles are back in fashion

Tiles are also back in fashion and not just as a skinny row around your kitchen sink, instead think of tiling stand alone walls and dabble with colour and texture to get some truly interesting surface effects.

It is all about stimulating the senses, so think the tiniest of mosaics or roughly hewn slate or even a fab pictorial effect. From show stopping to quietly sophisticated tiles capture and delight the eye with their interesting array of finishes from smooth as silk to roughly rustic.

The hottest thing to have on your walls

Following hot off the heels of Angelina Jolie reportedly spending £200,00 on a Bansky work, street art has become the latest thing to adorn the coolest pads. Galleries are popping up all over the place selling prints and unique pieces. From signs, to statuary to political statements, hang in irregular groups for your very own gallery.

It seems to be a trend set to stay for 2009. Tate Modern recently presented the work of six internationally acclaimed artists whose work is intricately linked to the urban environment.

Auction houses have seen a massive uplift in attendance and sales of street art.

If you can’t afford the likes of Banksy pick up a bargain on eBay, or why not purchase a couple of coffee table style street art books to display in your living room.

The brilliant thing about street art is it is basically anything developed in public places, so let your imagination go to town and find something a little bit different.