Overhaull Your Walls

Creativity doesn’t just stop with your furniture and soft furnishings; there is a huge expanse of space on your walls too. If you are keen of creating a unique look and adding a bit of character to featureless walls, then look no further, the suggestions here will help to get you started.

Fabric, especially designer fabric can cost a lot of money; however you can add a bit of designer style on a budget. Think about covering your bed headboard in a designer fabric, or taking a canvas panel and covering it with designer wall paper.  If you cover a few panels you can add these blocks of colour to walls, lifting them from plain to wow.

Stencils and stickers are a favourite at the moment, as they are relatively good value for money and can create a whole new look in a room. There is a wide range to choose, from witty slogans to monochrome silhouettes. You can place a vibrant graphic in a dull alcove to add a bit of a surprise or for larger graphics you can build them up from the skirting board and let them develop onto the wall space.

Wall art is another stylish alternative to framed pictures, the trend at the moment is for metal art with the essence of nature about it, however if you like to set your own trend, why not create your own, from finds along the seashore, such as driftwood or create a collage of shells or other items you find upon your travels.

Hopefully these easy ideas will inspire you to create your own masterpiece to feature on your walls. But don’t forget about papier-mâché, you can make masks, animal heads in fact anything you can think of, just paint in one colour or add crystals and fabric and go crazy with it.

Citrus Zest Appeal

There are some wonderful vivid colours hitting the stores, most notably is the zingy zesty greens and sumptuous olive tones.  You’ll be able to add just a splash of these colours to bring your home up to date this year or you could try the retro style wallpaper in olive for a bolder statement.

But it’s not just wallpaper and cushions featuring the vivid greens, sofas and armchairs are being spruced up to add extra vibrancy to a living room.  If your budget doesn’t stretch to an overhaul of your home, you could look at buying some reasonably priced artwork, with the splashes of bright green or soft shades of olive to add to your walls.

If your budget is really tight, think about buying a few small pots of paint in various green shades and some large pebbles and give them the citrus makeover, you can then group these around your home for your own little citrus zest appeal.

Folky Florals

So winter is upon us, but there is no reason why the deeper shades of spring can’t be used in the home, they really do make the most of the darker months.  Think along the lines of pinks, purples and reds, with a splash of palm leaf green.  These colours are ideal for infusing into the bedroom.  Look towards plain pieces of bedroom furniture as the main accent will be the depth of soft furnishings.

Cleverly intersperse floral patterns amongst bold purple bedspreads, by using cushions and updating the curtains.  You can also bring the floral accent in by making use of floral china or ornaments decorated with flourishes of pink and cream. If you want a more long term effect, artificial flowers will carry on the look throughout the winter months without you having to worry about constantly replacing.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to replacing wardrobes, then think about how a folksy look works with mismatched pieces of furniture, the key is to ensure there is a singular theme running through, in this case it would be floral and purple, so even adding a patterned rug will get your bedroom folky.

Crystal Lights

There is always a way to glam up a room on a small budget and crystal or faux crystal chandeliers’ are an ideal way to create that extra bit luxury on a winters day. They are ideal for bedrooms, the lounge or dining area, if you are feeling a little more extravagant you could even think about the bathroom adorning a touch of opulence.

As with all things, chandeliers’ have a variety of budgets, but you could also make your own, by using your current lightshade and attaching crystals so they hang from the bottom and sparkle when the lights are on. Very easy to do and you can pick the crystals up from online auctions or jewellery making sites.

You could even spruce up your tired bedside lamps with crystals, there is such a variety for you to choose from you could even match your colour scheme. Some are available for you to stick directly to cloth, while others come with pre-drilled holes for you to sew or use a fine wire to attach the stones. The end result will be an original design, suited to you and will give that extra bit of sparkle over the dreary months of winter.