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Bedroom furniture

At Room4 we have a variety of bedroom furniture products from our gorgeous romantic French style to the bang on trend Noir furniture range. We have varying size options for wardrobes not just the standard double, but also triple and single options as as well. We also have fully assembled bedroom furniture and flat pack for convenient delivery options. The vast majority of our furniture is on fast 5-10 working day delivery too. We also price match it, and coupled with our premium customer service we are sure you’ll enjoy every step of your purchase from Room4.
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Product help

Bedroom furniture options can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. But it really doesn’t need to be hard to choose. From our many years’ experience fielding customer queries here’s a small guide that we’ve come up with to help you choose.

First off, are you interested in just a couple of pieces or a fully fitted all singing and dancing bedroom suite? Freestanding bedroom furniture provides a really flexible solution. You take it with you if you move houses and you can easily change the layout of your bedroom if needed. There are also plenty of different storage options in these type of bedroom furniture suits. For example you can even add a blanket box for those bulkier items.

The fully fitted solution is the most expensive, but then you can just usually get a single company to come in and they’ll do the complete service for you – i.e. design, measure, install. This comes at a price though. With many of these options leaving you many many thousands of pounds out of pocket.

There is another way of tackling this. The rising popularity of the ‘modular bedoom’ concept has given people a choice that is half way between a fully fitted bedroom to free standing storage pieces. The idea behind is that you choose a set of carcasses that you can put together in a configuration that works in your space. In most cases this is all you need. Sometimes though it can be a challenge to make the use of 100% of the space. This can be down to odd shaped rooms to ceilings that aren’t level. However it represents a saving of usually over 60% and hence the rise in this form of bedroom furniture.

We often get people calling us worrying about the flat pack angle. Whilst in years gone by there may have been some justification for the reticence. However, not any more. So much thought is put into the design of the furniture that it really is often way easier than people thought. And with the savings over fully fitted, it’s a bit of a no brainer.

However, there’s also a lot of bedroom suites now being produced that are a half-way house between fully flat pack and fully assembled. Imaginatively they are called semi- assembled. The idea is that the bedroom furniture options are broken down into say 2-3 pieces. So you may have the key pieces left assembled with the view that they can still be transported safely and still be manoeuvred in people’s homes but only require a few minutes of fitting once there. This are increasingly popular options. They are often solid wood too as that provide a robust material for transport etc.