Arranging Your Perfect Dressing Table Area

Dressing table

If you intend on having a dressing table area in your bedroom or dressing room it is important to ensure that you set it up properly so that it is both functional and attractive. Here are some points to consider when choosing a dressing table and when setting it up for use.

What Space Do You Have and Need
If your dressing table is to be place in a large master bedroom you have the option to choose any sized piece of furniture. It would be wise to consider though not only the space required for the table but also the stool or chair and that there will be adequate room to move.

If you have a smaller bedroom maximise your space by placing the table against a wall and hang items, reducing clutter on the dressing table top. Consider how many beauty tools, toiletries, pieces of make-up and similar you will need to store when choosing which dressing table design will work best for you.

Storage Solutions
Dressing tables come in all shapes and sizes and while not all of them do, many include storage drawers underneath. Maximise storage by using decorative small drawers on the top of the table itself.

Using dividers inside drawers to section off areas for specific items such as jewellery, make-up, hair products (etc) will make using your dressing table more enjoyable and items certainly easier to find.

Let There Be Light
When dressing your hair, putting on make-up, painting your nails or taking care of any of the health and beauty tasks commonly done at the dressing table it is important to consider light levels. if you are able to place the dressing table near a source of natural light, such as the window, as well as with adequate ceiling light you won’t need to add a lamp or similar to your dressing table top. If not, look for a lamp which is bright, attractive and ideally won’t take up too much room. An illuminated mirror also boosts the light levels over a dressing table.

Choosing a Mirror
When choosing a mirror for your dressing table, or choosing a dressing table which comes with a mirror consider what you will be using the table for. For example, will you need a three sided mirror which curves around the back of the table, allowing you to see the front, sides and when turning the back of your hair? Will you want a mirror which may be tilted or are you looking ideally for a portable mirror which sports a higher level of magnification?
Keeping it Pretty
The key to keeping your dressing table pretty is to keep it clutter free. Why not mount open and ornate picture frames on the wall behind the table to use for hanging necklaces and earrings? Use hooks to keep your hairdryer and other hot styling tools off the top and off the floor.

Utilise the storage options you have and dress your dressing table making it a stylish addition to the room in its own right, adding perhaps a photo frame, pretty trinket boxes or even a bud vase.


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