The Perfect Picnic Spot

As the sun starts to make an appearance for more hours in the day, and the bird song becomes more melodic to the ear, the eager anticipation of summer builds. Those summers dreams of spending a lengthy lunch in the summer sun with your loved ones, finished off with a long summer walk start to become a reality and weekends seem brighter because of it.

From the 13th June to the 21st,, during National Picnic Week, you have an excuse to whip out your picnic basket every day and enjoy the spoils of Summer right in your very own home. In celebration, we are taking a look at how to make your conservatory a glorious picnic spot to be enjoyed all year round.

  1. The Perfect Picnic Table

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The table is always the centrepiece for any picnic occasion, be it a blanket on the grass or a long table in the conservatory. With the ease of a picnic, the worries over perfectly placed knives and forks and colour coordinated napkins can be kept for the dining room table. Picnics call for relaxation, easy foods and most importantly good company. Items such as the Coast to Coast Extendable Dining Table allow for you to picnic with a number of people, with expandable table ends to accommodate everyone.


  1. The Comfy Picnic Chair

    Picnic chair

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Picnics are for spending long afternoons lounging around, watching the sun set over the blossoming flowers. They are for watching your kids run around the garden while you catch up with a long last friend. They are not for sore bums and aching backs, thus in order to make your long afternoons better, the perfect comfy picnic chair is required. Great buys such as the Stanford Ladder Back Dining chair provides great back support, topped with colorful patterned cushions, your picnic lunches will be some of most comfortable yet. Ideas such as these are also great for those long days behind a home office desk, creating a great home office solution for those aching backs.


  1. The Picnic Sideboard

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A great sideboard can do wonders for your conservatory. It is the perfect place to store plates, bowls, cups and glasses as well as a great spot to lay out your picnic fair. Everyone can help themselves to food, serve their own drinks and find their own spot around the picnic table. It can also be a great d├ęcor item for your conservatory, taking it that one step above. Items such as the Portobello Side Board is a great buy, large enough to store all of your crockery as well as your picnic baskets, cushions and blankets.

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