School’s Out – Time to Redecorate!

Now that the schools have broken up for summer and the kids are back at home, why not use this to your advantage and make redecorating a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. Keeping the children busy and entertained whilst they’re at home is always a challenge, so getting them going on a big project will keep them occupied, stimulated and most importantly having fun. All of this coupled with the fact that you’ve now got yourself free helpers to get your decorating done makes it a win-win for everyone!

Whether it be making your house summer ready or generally updating your interior, summer is prime time for redecorating. The sun’s out, everyone’s happy and the kids are off, so why not use decorating as an enjoyable, fun activity to get the whole family pitching in and doing something together.

Decorate their bedrooms

One sure fire way to keep your kids entertained and having fun over the summer holiday is to get them involved in decorating their bedrooms. Redecorating with your children is a great way to get them excited and off the sofa, doing something fun, engaging and new. Allowing them to help decorate and have a say in the styling of their rooms will get their creative juices flowing and help them to learn new skills over the school break. You can even create a unique and fun study area with our home office furniture .

In the midst of decorating is often when you find that your furniture is also in need of an update. Whether it be a bed, dresser or cabinet, giving your room a new lease of life inevitably makes everything else look old and tired. Splashing out on a nice new matching bedroom set for your room will finish off the fresh new look, putting the cherry on top of all your hard work.

Room 4


Decorate the dining room

Since it’s summer and the sun is blazing, the time has come for playing host. Inviting friends and family round for barbeques and a ‘few’ drinks is a frequent occurrence this time of year, so why not use this as an excuse to breathe some new life into your dining areas just in time for your guests. This along with the fact that school is now a distant memory means that the next 6 weeks will be packed with plenty of friends visiting and staying over, providing you with even more incentive to give your dining room a new lease of live.

The dining room is the social hub of the household so it needs to be fresh, fun and inviting. This is never more important than during the summer when every man and his dog seems to be dropping by for one reason or another. Investing some time and money to keep it looking smart will make you feel great about having guests over, along with giving you and your kids something fun to do during the school break. New furniture is a great place to start when updating your dining room, with the table obviously being a massive focal point.

Room 42


Getting the whole family together to help decorate is a great way to spend some time together. Keeping the kids active, learning new things and most importantly having a good time is what the school holidays are all about, so why not re-decorate with them and kill two birds with one stone.

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