Turning Your Uni Desk into a Dream Work Space

The time is fast approaching for eager Fresher’s to start their university career, to head out into the world of university living, new friends, lectures that they can never truly grasp and hours staring at the blank wall behind your desk.
Your university desk will fast become your new space in the world, where you will spend hours trying to create an essay that is at least half eligible.
Here are some tips to turn your university desk into a space that you will enjoy sitting at until all hours of the morning the night before your essay is due.

The Perfect Desk

Turning Your Uni Desk into a Dream Work Space

The base of every good university work space is the desk you work from. As one of the very few items of furniture that you will be able to fit into your room, your desk will become one of the centrepieces. If you are amongst one of the lucky ones who get to bring their own desk with them, why not take the opportunity to incorporate your own style. Getting a great home office desk can be a perfect way to get a desk that can follow you even after university.

Get Creative

2Turning Your Uni Desk into a Dream Work Space


Since you will be spending hours staring at the wall behind your desk, you might as well make it a good wall to look at. We love the idea of making a collage of photo frames, posters and hooks to hang items such as stationary filled mason jars to add that personal touch to the space above your desk. Adding some personal inspiration quotes may also help you ignite that spark you need to get through those endless projects.

Get Quirky

3Turning Your Uni Desk into a Dream Work Space


One great way to break the ice with your new roommate is with quirky desk décor. Nothing says, ‘I’m friendly, I promise’ quite like a gold peace sign. Decorating your desk with unique items can get the conversation flowing and make those first few days much more bearable. Not to mention making a dreary university room a much brighter place to be.

Light It Up

4Turning Your Uni Desk into a Dream Work Space


One of the great joys of being young is being able to hang fairy lights wherever and whenever you like without side glances from those more discerning visitors. So why not take advantage and dress your desk area in strings of fairy lights. Although they may not be the best light to work with at night, they will bring a cosy and enchanting feel to your space.

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