Autumnal Trends in Interior Décor

As we move into the colder months of the year, our interiors are expected to warm up with rich colour palates and textiles. This season we are seeing a great trend towards the warmer metals, materials and furnishings with an increased emphasis on updating vintage items and trends.

Macro trends emphasising mathematical and geometrical patterns, textiles and furniture pieces will be in the forefront this season, highlighting the deeper, darker and richer colour schemes. With an added touch of rich mixed metals, the darker hues of industrial trends will be subtly flowing through many households.

Black, burnt and bright oranges have also been in focus, blended with graffiti and notions of urban physicality, to create what Lisa White from Homebuildlife terms the Social Superhero’s macro trend.

In preparation for the new season, we take a look at how to bring these vintage inspired deep and dark trends into your home.

Geometric Designs

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Geometric finishing’s are making an appearance this season. By incorporating mixed mediums such as dark wood and rich metals, bringing a statement piece into your home is an easy way to incorporate this trend without redesigning your whole house. Room 4 love this trend for the office. Bringing in a rich textured statement home office desk to act as the anchor for your work space can really bring some warmth to an otherwise cold room. Adding extra décor elements such as a soft woven carpet can really make this a cosy working space for the winter months.

Cushioned Inspiration

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Perhaps one of the easiest ways to transform your home on a budget is with the addition of feature cushions to rooms like the living room and bedroom. For the winter months, adding scatter cushions with rich fabrics and patterns can be a great practical way to bring in both comfort and warmth into your home. This season, the plusher the cushion the better. Darker hues like navy blue and gunmetal grey are easily accessible and very on trend.

Refreshing Vintage

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A major trend this season is the updating of vintage items such as chest of drawers, lounge suites as well as décor items such as lamps, clocks and even old suitcases as storage units. Although this is nothing new in interior design trends, it is something that we will be seeing a lot more of. Not only does this trend speak to the upcycling movement sparked by green initiatives but it also mimics the general trend towards brining those outdated vintage items previously owned by older generations into the present.

Metal Opulence

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A mixture of warm metals will be making more of an appearance this winter, with a turn to more opulent metals such as gold, rose gold and copper. Mixing warm metals through furniture, décor items and frames is a great way to bring some industrial warmth into your home. Christmas will also provide for the perfect opportunity to experiment with this trend, dressing your home in golden Christmas decorations could never go amiss.

Autumn / winter for 2015 promises to be a warm and cosy season with opulent and luxurious interior furnishings and décor. We look forward to a warm winter.

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