The Bloggers Guide to Updating Your Desk

For the months of July and August we approached numerous bloggers to take part in our blogger desk makeover challenge. We got some great responses with 8 bloggers taking up the challenge to make over their desk with just £20. Although this seems like a mean feat, it ignited some great creativity, upcycling and ingenuity.

Bloggers were encouraged to think up different ways to achieve great results and we were very impressed. We have taken some of the best ideas from each blogger and compiled a guide on how to makeover your desk like a blogger.

Signing Off

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One way to really make your space your own is through signage. Simple and sophisticated, putting a sign that represents you, your space and your personality can really transform the meaning behind your space and the atmosphere in your space. Blogger, Heather Nixon from Beauty and Nothingness opted for a welcome sign above her desk. Making the space more open and friendly, a space of warmth and comfort.

Upcycling Galore

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This was a trend that many bloggers used and we were in love. When on a tight budget this is often the best way to reimagine a space. One blogger, Zoe-Lee Skelton from the Secret Diary of a Scavenger, was perhaps the most creative in turning an old plank of oak into a gorgeous cotton holder. Not only did this free up her space but also brought in a touch of her personality into her work space.

Another great upcycling project that we saw by bloggers is giving their work desk a complete overhaul with a quick lick of paint and a new papered top. For those who would like an even bigger desk makeover, this is the option for you. Keeping costs down to a minimal, all you would need is enough time to get the job done. Lottie Schmidt from Lottie’s interiors changed the whole look and feel of her work space by painting her desk a dark grey with a papered top.

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Light It Up

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In the winter months it can be easy to feel the dreariness of cloudy days and rainy outdoors. One great way to lighten up your work routine is with the use of warm lighting. One blogger who decided to change her desk into a fairy lit wonderland is Jordan from Keep Dreaming. Jordan opted for a string of copper, heart shaped fairy lights and salted caramel and earl grey scented candle for her desk makeover. Her style is rather romantic and her use of warm rich metals echo the autumnal interior trends that we are seeing this season.

Keep It Timely

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Working from home more often than not can lead to distractions. Before you know it you’ll have watched an hour of daytime TV whilst just ‘making tea’. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re keeping on track with your daily schedule is by keeping a clock on your desk. This is what Lisa from Lisahh Jayne has opted for when updating her desk. Choosing a black clock in contrast to a white desk creates a dramatic yet understated look to your home office, you can never go wrong with a bit of monochrome.

Bring in Some Personality

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For so many people the home office is not a place where you spend your time bringing in your own personality. Buying décor that reflects yourself is often reserved for the rest of the house. It is very rare for guests to venture into your home office, and so most people do not see it as important. However, creating a welcoming and creative working environment is best done by spending some time bringing a little bit of yourself into the space. This is something that Emma from Essays and Wine has embodied when redoing her work space. By adding strings of her own pictures and flower fairy lights brings a little bit of herself to her work space and makes it a warm and welcoming space where the creative juices can flow comfortably.

Pick a Theme

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One way to tie in a room’s décor is by bringing in a common theme throughout your décor. Michelle from Shell Louise used this tip when updating her work space. Michelle opted for the incorporation of owls throughout her desk and we loved the outcome. By tying her room together with this one pattern, she really elevated her space, making it her own.


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And last but certainly not least, as this was our winning desk, the best way to optimise your work space is by organising it. This is the basis from which everyone should update their desk and has been a common theme throughout the challenge. We love the simplicity of what Emma from Aldi to Harrods did to her desk, keeping it simple and her own she transformed her desk making it a functional haven.

Well done to all of the bloggers who took part in this challenge, it was no small feat. Make sure to follow their blogs and read all about how they updated their desks. They are sure to have some wonderful content coming from some beautiful desk spaces.

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