Taking it Back to the Bare Bones


I’m sure we’ve all seen the minimalist design take over many a design magazine or blog over the last several years, whether its in a trendy city apartment or country mile, minimalism is bang and trend and we’re going to tell you some key pieces you can use in your own home to create this style.

Being minimal doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out that you already have, being minimal is all about key pieces that work for you, in terms of storage and your home and removing the clutter.

Light colours are also a must with minimal design. To create the effect of minimalism, clean lines should be your starting point. We always recommend picking out some pieces that pique your interest then use a design app or a good ol piece of paper to draw out your room plan, this will help you decide which items to purchase and which items don’t cut the mustard.

We will be looking at some key pieces of furniture which will work perfectly for a minimalist design.

Clean cut Sofa

Now, there is no hard and fast rule with which type of sofa you should choose, but we have found that grey, white, black and blue sofas are the most popular. They all have one thing in common, they are sleek with clean cut lines, they may not look like the most comfortable thing ever, however you can find a minimalist sofa that is just as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Functional Coffee Table

Wooden tables with high metal legs are a big trend in the minimalist design. Another trend is coffee tables which when unfolded can make a living room dining table, these not only look fantastic but provide ample storage, which will give you a chance to keep your clutter in check while sticking to the minimalist design.

Flawless Flooring

The style of your home will normally dictate what flooring you will have, however this doesn’t have to be the case. There are some truly breathtaking homes that appear to be one thing on the outside, yet when you walk through the front door you’re met with amazement because the exterior is the complete opposite of the interior so don’t let your home box you in, in terms of your interior design.

A popular choice in minimalist rooms is wooden flooring with a statement rug that will tie the room together. The wooden flooring can be painted white or even dark walnut, and the rugs are normally textured, this will bring another edge to your room while maintaining minimalism.

Another great by product of the minimalist design is that it gives you a chance to de clutter and start from fresh and you never know once you have sorted out all your clutter you may want to go minimalist throughout your home!

Interior Trends for 2015

Every year we see interior design trends change, from what furniture is in to the perfect wall colour and change is good! This season is all about traditional materials and luxurious materials, a coupling we certainly appreciate!

Monochrome was a big trend last year, along with statement walls in the home and part of this is still very much trending today, but instead of a statement wall, it is all about statement pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time, this is why traditional materials such as oak are making a big comeback.

We will be looking at the top 4 trends of 2015 below.

Artistic Details

The influx of having artwork in the home is quite astounding! Instead of traditional oils in gilt frames the trend this year is to support local and new artists who are yet to build their name, not only will you be supporting new artists but you will have a one of a kind piece in your home.

Now, the type of home you live in and the tastes you have tend to have a baring on the choice you make in terms of artwork, for instance a Tracy Emin sketch piece may not work well in a Tudor home, however this is all down to personal preference, whatever piece of artwork you like, you can make it work for you and your home.

Silky Soft

The materials we use in our home are also a big trend this year, with Silk being amongst them. Silk has always been seen as luxurious and for good reason too, but don’t panic, silk can work for any budget, you don’t need reams and reams of expensive silk drapes or bedding, if your budget is a bit tight you can still stay on trend by doing silk accents, such as a silk pillow for your sofa.

Silk prints are also a big trend this season. So, don’t be afraid to go bold, if your taste and home allows you can go big with this trend, however so remember not to over do it.

Blue Velvet

It doesn’t necessarily have to be blue, but this plush material has made a big comeback this season, from velvet curtains to velvet sofas, whatever your budget you can make velvet work for you and your home.

Velvet is a material that was huge in the 70s and it will make a big resurgence in 2015! You can choose to have velvet accents around your home, or you can be bold and go for a velvet sofa.


Wooden furniture has been around forever, from the traditional craftsman that make personalised pieces of exquisite furniture to the Ikea flat pack generation, however there is a new wooden trend this season, traditional wooden furniture, we don’t mean antique pieces, its the material itself that is reverting back to tradition.

An example is oak, which is about as traditional as it comes, not only is this wood incredibly durable but over time, the oak can change colour due to sun exposure and just plain old wear and tear, which makes it an evolving piece of furniture. Oak can also provide a fantastic focal point in any room of your home.

The Joys of a House Move

When planning a move the more organized you are during the process the more smoother it will go. There are many steps you can take to reduce your stress level and the chaos that typically is part of any move.

Moving into your first home can be one of the most exciting yet daunting times in your life. From packing up all your belongings, organising removal men to buying new furniture and this is just the tip of the iceberg! However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, with some organisation and patience moving into your new home can be a joy instead of a chore.

Statistics show that moving home is right up there with getting divorced on the stress scale and for good reason too, it’s not just a case of packing up a few pots and pans, there is the utilities to organise, which is a mission in itself, and the worst part is the unpacking. Sure, the first few boxes are fun, you’re still in the ‘new house haze’, but by box 25 the enthusiasm starts to wane.

Once you have gone through this minefield, the fun really begins. This is the euphoric stage, the stage where you get to purchase all the exciting new bits for your home, I like to think this is the reward for all of the stress that comes with moving.

Coast 2 Coast 140cm Fixed Dining Room Table

Deciding Your Home Style

Not everyone has an immediate sense of what their home should look like, this normally comes with time, or if you’re slightly addicted to Pinterest you will know exactly what your home should look like, or at the very least what style you would like in your home.

What to Buy First?

Deciding on what to purchase first can be quite difficult, however this doesn’t have to be the case. The best way to begin this process is by choosing which room you want to begin with first, if you use a system, room by room etc. it can prevent you from purchasing items that you may not be so in love with at a later date.

It may seem ridiculous to put so much emphasis on the importance of choosing the right furniture, but these are items that will be in your home for quite some time and if you buy quality, timeless pieces they can last a lifetime.

There is no hard and fast rule on what item to start with, but your dining area is a good place to begin, why the dining area? Well this is the place that you will be entertaining your family and friends, so getting this area ready first is important, and plus we all need a place to eat our meals.

The size of your dining area really does dictate what furniture you should go for, but one of the most purchased styles is the sturdy, chunky square dining table, the reason for this is because it is a timeless piece of furniture that can stand by you through all of the trials and tribulations of life, even when you have 3 children throwing themselves around the dining area, they can do so safe in the knowledge that your table will withstand almost anything that they can throw at it.

So, whether you have moved into your first home, or this is your tenth home, it is always fun to purchase new bits that will complete your home.

Dressing Your Dining Table

More and more individuals, couples and families are returning to the dining room for more formal, yet enjoyable mealtimes. While it isn’t necessary to dress your table as lavishly as the Downton Abbey staff do for your Wednesday evening chilli con carne making an effort for informal occasions adds to the mood and sense of occasion.

What style you choose to use will depend on the time of year, the style of room and the size and type of dining furniture you possess.

Dining Table Day Décor

During the day there is no need for your dining table to look unloved.  A centre piece which looks great on its own when the table isn’t being used for eating at should stay  where it is during dining times and remain the focus of the table design when the rest of the table is dressed for dining.

Fresh flowers are great for special occasions and if you have time to refresh and replace floral centrepieces during the week then that is great. If not consider a top quality fresh flower alternative which may be used week after week or a centrepiece whose focal point is not necessarily flower-related.

Interior by Marshall Watson

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Everyday Dining

Having a good sized dining table and people to appreciate your table décor is something which spurs many on when it comes to thinking of new ways to make the table look good.

Consider a colour theme for the table which complements the décor in the room, coordinating napkins, place mats, a table runner and coasters as appropriate. Start your dressing efforts well by choosing a top quality table cloth and runner or if leaving wood (etc) expose choose top quality place mats as a base.

Unless you have very young children at the table put way beakers and use nice china and proper glasses, gleaming cutlery and decorative touches around the table so that it looks nice every time you sit down to enjoy a meal.

Dressing a table doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, the key here is to be inventive. Some home styles work best with cut crystal classes, silver candlesticks and ornate centrepieces while others might utilise bolder colours and a more minimalist look. Choose a style that works for you and your dining room.



Special Occasion Dining

These are those special occasions when all of the stops come out and the table becomes nothing less than a piece of artwork. This is when you have carte blanche to really go for gold and enjoy building a table which will make others coo in appreciation.

Some ideas include incorporating twinkling lights in or around the centrepiece, using the very best dinnerware, experimenting with napkin shapes and using seasonal or event-related features to personalise the décor.

Seeing the dining room once more returned to its prominent place in the home, no more relegated as merely the homework room or worse a storage area has gladdened the hearts of many interior designers. If you have a dining space take advantage of it and create something special for your home for all to enjoy.





Adding Nature Inspired Décor to Your Home This Autumn

Some of the most beautiful accessories and decorative touches in any home are inspired by nature. Regardless of whether you prefer bright and bold modern interior design or favour a true “back to nature” look there is a place in your home for more natural pieces.

Cushions and Covers

Soft furnishings are so easy to replace and doing so may change the entire feel of a room. This autumn why not choose gold, yellow, reds and greens to create a colour scheme that will make your main room look as beautiful inside as it does outside at this time of year?

Leaf patterns, twig outlines and more on throws, rugs and even dining room table runners all add to the overall effect you are trying to create.

Incorporating Wood into the Home

Wood often provides warmth and a depth to a room. Choose accessories that work with the style of your room such as these fabulous antique trunks. Wooden bowls and photo frames all add to the effect.

Bring Nature into the Home


This season the trees offer an abundance of gorgeous natural pieces for us to include in our home. Acorns, conkers and more arranged in a bowl make a fabulous centrepiece on the dining room table.

 Why not arrange large twigs in long vases, intertwining them with string lights for an extra special piece?

pinterest autumn

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Decorate Your Walls

Incorporate natural tones and materials when decorating your walls. Autumn wreaths, wall art, wooden or nature-inspired clocks, trailing ivy and more could be added around the home to create a stunning effect. There is nothing stopping you here so allow your imagination to run wild and create some stunning pieces which will wow visitors and yet create a calming atmosphere within the home.


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 Floral Arrangements

Adorn sideboards, tables and desks with autumn flowers in colours which suit your style and enjoy the extra splash of colour and scent as you move around the home.

If you aren’t a fan of real flowers or simply dislike constantly changing water and refreshing vases why not choose artificial pieces which will last longer and maintain their colour. Source cleverly made artificial sunflowers or similar which look realistic and arrange in bowls and vases at key points around the home.


By adding a few natural touches and getting creative with accessories you could create a whole new nature-inspired look this autumn to enjoy.