Creating the Perfect Work Environment


On average we work for 2,080 per year (this is based on working 40 hours a week) and with the increase of people working from home, our home office tends to be one of the most neglected rooms in our house, especially if we don’t have a dedicated space for all of our office bits and pieces.

Even if you don’t work from home, there may still be a need for a home office and we have some top pieces that will make you happy to work! If our office environment is organised and we can locate documents etc. easier, our working week will be less stressful.

Now, we’re not saying everyone needs to have a Donald Trump style mega office, but tailoring your office to the type of work you do will allow you to create the perfect working environment. For example, if you’re an architect, you will need space for drawing stands and plenty of storage for your drawings, if you’re an accountant you may not need quite as much space, this is part of the reason that our modular office range is so popular, it can be tailored to your personal needs.

We will be looking at how modular furniture can make organising an office a breeze!

What is Modular Furniture?

Modular furniture allows you to choose pieces to fit your room. All pieces are handmade and pre designed for your space. Modular furniture allows you to prioritise, while keeping the integrity of your room and maximising your office space.

Materials for Modular Office Furniture

There are so many options available in terms of the materials used for modular furniture. We stock the following,oak, walnut, English oak, beech, teak and white wood. These options allow you to have timeless pieces that can move with you from home to home, making it a fantastic investment and design piece.

What Items of Furniture are Available?


Desks are the heart of any office and we have various styles available, from corner desks to smaller desks, whatever your office needs there is a desk to fit!

Base Units

Base units are just as important as your desk! Whether you are looking for a filing system, drawer storage, or even an arts chest, there are many options available to you. We recommend using the same materials, but you can of course mix and match if you’re looking to create a funky effect in your office.

Medium & Tall Units

Adding medium and tall units to your office space can not only increase your storage but they can also give you a wonderful multi level theme for your office.

Overshelf Units

Overshelf units will turn your base units into a full storage solution. They fit snugly on top of your base units and make endless storage possible, without sacrificing the space you have available.

These are just a handful of storage options that can help you make your home office work for you and your space.

Interior Trends for 2015

Every year we see interior design trends change, from what furniture is in to the perfect wall colour and change is good! This season is all about traditional materials and luxurious materials, a coupling we certainly appreciate!

Monochrome was a big trend last year, along with statement walls in the home and part of this is still very much trending today, but instead of a statement wall, it is all about statement pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time, this is why traditional materials such as oak are making a big comeback.

We will be looking at the top 4 trends of 2015 below.

Artistic Details

The influx of having artwork in the home is quite astounding! Instead of traditional oils in gilt frames the trend this year is to support local and new artists who are yet to build their name, not only will you be supporting new artists but you will have a one of a kind piece in your home.

Now, the type of home you live in and the tastes you have tend to have a baring on the choice you make in terms of artwork, for instance a Tracy Emin sketch piece may not work well in a Tudor home, however this is all down to personal preference, whatever piece of artwork you like, you can make it work for you and your home.

Silky Soft

The materials we use in our home are also a big trend this year, with Silk being amongst them. Silk has always been seen as luxurious and for good reason too, but don’t panic, silk can work for any budget, you don’t need reams and reams of expensive silk drapes or bedding, if your budget is a bit tight you can still stay on trend by doing silk accents, such as a silk pillow for your sofa.

Silk prints are also a big trend this season. So, don’t be afraid to go bold, if your taste and home allows you can go big with this trend, however so remember not to over do it.

Blue Velvet

It doesn’t necessarily have to be blue, but this plush material has made a big comeback this season, from velvet curtains to velvet sofas, whatever your budget you can make velvet work for you and your home.

Velvet is a material that was huge in the 70s and it will make a big resurgence in 2015! You can choose to have velvet accents around your home, or you can be bold and go for a velvet sofa.


Wooden furniture has been around forever, from the traditional craftsman that make personalised pieces of exquisite furniture to the Ikea flat pack generation, however there is a new wooden trend this season, traditional wooden furniture, we don’t mean antique pieces, its the material itself that is reverting back to tradition.

An example is oak, which is about as traditional as it comes, not only is this wood incredibly durable but over time, the oak can change colour due to sun exposure and just plain old wear and tear, which makes it an evolving piece of furniture. Oak can also provide a fantastic focal point in any room of your home.

Home Office Arrangement Incorporating Style, Convenience and Health

Working from home offers a wide number of benefits both financially and personally. To ensure that home workers benefit the most from their home office it must also be designed with both health and convenience in mind.

There are a number of different style related issues to consider when buying and arranging the furniture in a home office. It makes sense for the furniture to work within the allotted space, to encompass all of the room’s storage needs and to be aesthetically pleasing to the person working in there.

Home office design is not simply about looking good and having room to store files, folders and equipment; other important factors include time saving and the health of the person occupying the office.

Curve home office collection

Save Time and Reduce Stress

Stress in the workplace is a common ailment these days and when working alone individuals are not immune to the same concerns, although granted some triggers are removed when you work from home. As an individual working for yourself or for another company from your own base you are responsible for your own time, your own productivity, often your own invoices, marketing and more.

Time or lack of time is often the biggest issue workers face and so using modular home office furniture or similar to ensure that your office space is organised in a way where everything used regularly is close at hand and efficient work is promoted will make the day less stressful and more profitable.

Physical Health Issues

In the workplace there are policies and procedures in place which contain details of health and safety recommendations, rules and regulations which workers have to be informed of and follow as part of their contract. Few home workers, working out of their own office have these policies in place and it would be very uncommon for a risk assessment to have been undertaken on the home office environment.

it is important however that when arranging your home office that you take into consideration recommendations from the Health and Safety Executive and that you exercise common sense, care and attention in order to ensure that your working practices remain healthy.

Your office chair for example is important. If you spend a reasonable amount of time at the desk then it is important that the office chair is sturdy, adjusted to the correct height and supports your body properly in order to avoid aches, pains and long term damage.

An ergonomically designed office space will take into consideration the way that you work, the distance between yourself and your PC monitor, as well as the angle it is set at and a number of variables which when investigated and followed properly ensure that the office space is set up to help promote good working health as opposed to damaging it.

The Ultimate Office

If what is desired is the optimum package; the best possible office layout to promote productivity, motivation and ensure that the physical and mental health of the worker is protected then modular furniture is the way forward. Regardless of the size of a room this type of furniture ensures that everything that is required is included and it may be moved around with ease so that a safe and healthy work environment may be maintained.

Thankfully arranging the ultimate office does not mean that home workers have to compromise on style.

Creating The Right Home Office

If you are looking to create an office space in your home, there are a few factors that you may need to consider. If you work from home, a home office needs to look great but it has to also remain functional. One of the main considerations is of course how much space do you have to work with? A complete home office furniture set can require a substantial amount space for you to be able to fit it in your home without it becoming cramped. However, what if you could custom design your home office furniture setup to meet your own requirements? This can be done with modular home office furniture.

The Room4 Interiors modular home office furniture range lets you pick and choose all the furniture components that you require. You firstly choose the furniture finish you want such as oak, walnut, teak and beech. You then select all the individual furniture components you need for your home office. Starting with a basic desk (or desks), you then choose what other units you want to have in your home office. You can even choose the handles that you wish to adorn your new setup. This means that you get to choose exactly what furniture you have in your home office to perfectly match your available space.

Modular Home Office

We have many other home office furniture options for you to choose from across the Room4 Interiors range, with new additions regularly being added. If you have any question on any of the furniture we have to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your Workspace and You

Did you know that how you keep your office workspace can greatly affect the way you perform? Here are some really interesting facts that may inspire you to get your desk tidy and in order!

Your Workspace and You

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