Interior Trends for 2015

Every year we see interior design trends change, from what furniture is in to the perfect wall colour and change is good! This season is all about traditional materials and luxurious materials, a coupling we certainly appreciate!

Monochrome was a big trend last year, along with statement walls in the home and part of this is still very much trending today, but instead of a statement wall, it is all about statement pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time, this is why traditional materials such as oak are making a big comeback.

We will be looking at the top 4 trends of 2015 below.

Artistic Details

The influx of having artwork in the home is quite astounding! Instead of traditional oils in gilt frames the trend this year is to support local and new artists who are yet to build their name, not only will you be supporting new artists but you will have a one of a kind piece in your home.

Now, the type of home you live in and the tastes you have tend to have a baring on the choice you make in terms of artwork, for instance a Tracy Emin sketch piece may not work well in a Tudor home, however this is all down to personal preference, whatever piece of artwork you like, you can make it work for you and your home.

Silky Soft

The materials we use in our home are also a big trend this year, with Silk being amongst them. Silk has always been seen as luxurious and for good reason too, but don’t panic, silk can work for any budget, you don’t need reams and reams of expensive silk drapes or bedding, if your budget is a bit tight you can still stay on trend by doing silk accents, such as a silk pillow for your sofa.

Silk prints are also a big trend this season. So, don’t be afraid to go bold, if your taste and home allows you can go big with this trend, however so remember not to over do it.

Blue Velvet

It doesn’t necessarily have to be blue, but this plush material has made a big comeback this season, from velvet curtains to velvet sofas, whatever your budget you can make velvet work for you and your home.

Velvet is a material that was huge in the 70s and it will make a big resurgence in 2015! You can choose to have velvet accents around your home, or you can be bold and go for a velvet sofa.


Wooden furniture has been around forever, from the traditional craftsman that make personalised pieces of exquisite furniture to the Ikea flat pack generation, however there is a new wooden trend this season, traditional wooden furniture, we don’t mean antique pieces, its the material itself that is reverting back to tradition.

An example is oak, which is about as traditional as it comes, not only is this wood incredibly durable but over time, the oak can change colour due to sun exposure and just plain old wear and tear, which makes it an evolving piece of furniture. Oak can also provide a fantastic focal point in any room of your home.

Making the Most of Your Small Master Bedroom

Not everyone is blessed with a large master bedroom, either not having a home with large bedrooms or having sacrificed the master to the children or as home office space. Having a smaller bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean having to compromise on style.

With some clever planning there is no reason why a smaller bedroom can’t be every bit as splendid as a generously sized master.

Modular Furniture
Using modular bedroom furniture works brilliantly in all room sizes however it is particularly useful for maximising storage space in smaller bedrooms. Designing wardrobes and similar to work around the shape of your room, something very handy in older houses with fireplaces in bedrooms, means that no space is wasted.


Maximise Your Storage Potential
To give you more room to store items in a smaller bedroom it might be wise to consider choosing furniture which offers additional storage space in the form of under dressing table drawers or bedside tables with cupboard and / or drawer space. This enables you to leave your surfaces clear and still have everything to hand that you want. Fortunately furniture which boasts extra storage potential does not need to be functional and ugly; far from it in fact.

Use the Walls
Clutter is often a problem in smaller rooms however if you utilise the storage as discussed above and also use your wall space this issue could be dramatically reduced if not eliminated. Why not use attractive wall-mounted shelving to house items off dressing tables and bedside tables, using pretty storage boxes, tray or baskets.

A novel way to hang practical items such as jewellery would be to create a fabric covered pin-board or hang them on, or utilise ornate photo frames (minus the glass). Making a feature of pieces in this way adds to the design of the room and also makes the most of the space available.

hang jewellery                                                              Photo credit

Light is Your Friend
One problem many smaller bedrooms suffer from is a lack of light which may cause the room to look darker then it is and often smaller. Choose lighter coloured wood furniture, invest in window dressing which maximises privacy as well as allows as much light in as possible and where applicable use mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and also serve when placed correctly to make a room appear bigger than it is.

Choose Your Colour Scheme Wisely
In the same way that a small room with limited light makes a room look smaller so do dark colours. It isn’t necessary to create a pastel bedroom however if you want to incorporate a bright red or burgundy for example perhaps choose bedding and soft furnishing which use these colours on a lighter background.


Rather than being a room which causes problems, a smaller bedroom often offers the opportunity for you to unleash some rather clever and creative ideas so that you may enjoy a space that is unique to you, clutter free and looks attractive.

Adding Nature Inspired Décor to Your Home This Autumn

Some of the most beautiful accessories and decorative touches in any home are inspired by nature. Regardless of whether you prefer bright and bold modern interior design or favour a true “back to nature” look there is a place in your home for more natural pieces.

Cushions and Covers

Soft furnishings are so easy to replace and doing so may change the entire feel of a room. This autumn why not choose gold, yellow, reds and greens to create a colour scheme that will make your main room look as beautiful inside as it does outside at this time of year?

Leaf patterns, twig outlines and more on throws, rugs and even dining room table runners all add to the overall effect you are trying to create.

Incorporating Wood into the Home

Wood often provides warmth and a depth to a room. Choose accessories that work with the style of your room such as these fabulous antique trunks. Wooden bowls and photo frames all add to the effect.

Bring Nature into the Home


This season the trees offer an abundance of gorgeous natural pieces for us to include in our home. Acorns, conkers and more arranged in a bowl make a fabulous centrepiece on the dining room table.

 Why not arrange large twigs in long vases, intertwining them with string lights for an extra special piece?

pinterest autumn

Photo credit


Decorate Your Walls

Incorporate natural tones and materials when decorating your walls. Autumn wreaths, wall art, wooden or nature-inspired clocks, trailing ivy and more could be added around the home to create a stunning effect. There is nothing stopping you here so allow your imagination to run wild and create some stunning pieces which will wow visitors and yet create a calming atmosphere within the home.


                Photo credit

 Floral Arrangements

Adorn sideboards, tables and desks with autumn flowers in colours which suit your style and enjoy the extra splash of colour and scent as you move around the home.

If you aren’t a fan of real flowers or simply dislike constantly changing water and refreshing vases why not choose artificial pieces which will last longer and maintain their colour. Source cleverly made artificial sunflowers or similar which look realistic and arrange in bowls and vases at key points around the home.


By adding a few natural touches and getting creative with accessories you could create a whole new nature-inspired look this autumn to enjoy.

Using Metal, Glass, Copper and Brass in Your Interior Design Plan

When redesigning a room and looking to breathe new life into the décor make sure that you take the time to properly consider your space and what you want to see in it. Many of us are guilty of changing colours yet not being brave enough to look at alternative styles which is a shame and doesn’t do a room justice.

What is needed before the project starts is a lot of research. Visit sites such as Pinterest which is full of inspiration for those looking to trying something new. Metal and glass are finding their way back into interior design vogue, not only in modern industrial type arrangements either as the more traditional styles of old are coming back hard and fast.

Instead of looking at chrome, steel and glass perhaps now could be the time to consider softer looking yet equally interesting accessories and tones around the home? Copper and brass especially has proven very popular recently as well as being one of the more affordable ways to add metallic shades to your home.

Use accessories such brass bells, copper kettles, book ends on sideboards and mantles which catch and reflect warm coloured light around the room as well as looking fabulously quirky in their own right. Old keys displayed on walls or again on dressers have long since been popular with interior designers both professional and those simply enjoying the hobby. Explore a new take on the usual rusted or heavy iron keys by hanging some of these beautiful bright keys somewhere where they may be noticed and admired. These make a great piece of wall art as well being perfect for gift-giving if you know someone else with a similar theme.

r42 r41

As copper and brass reflect light and colour choosing a colour scheme couldn’t be easier as it is a case of anything goes. While some continue the theme with gold and yellow fabrics others might choose a core neutral palette with silver grey, cream and even a light blue which provide a perfect backdrop for the warmer coloured accessories as well as looking brilliant in their own right.

When arranged in an uncluttered way using traditional-looking ornaments and accessories such as these, copper and brass works perfectly in any style of home.

Other glass and metal pieces such as umbrella stands, photo frames, signs and more add interest and unbeatable style to a space whether your home favours a more modern look or again is already sporting a more traditional style.

Intricate design works means that we are now able to enjoy various metals and glass items around the home without them looking stark or harsh. Indeed these materials look anything but cold and are becoming increasingly popular in homes of all sizes.

When looking to revamp a room again look beyond the soft furnishings and consider metals and glass which as we’ve established may make all the difference in a room, transforming the look and feel in a wonderfully decorative way.

Dining Room Design Tips Ready for the Season

Being a room which is more practical than anything else the dining room is sometimes overlooked when the “pecking order” for redecorating or renewing is decided upon. In truth the dining room should be one of the first rooms you pay attention to as this is where you entertain, where you eat as a couple, a family or on your own.

The dining room also often provides a number of additional functions from being the study or homework room to doubling up as somewhere stylish yet comfortable for a casual meeting of friends.

Meal Times
Formal dining, once a thing of the past in many household is now seeing a welcome revival with TV dinners being ignored in favour of sit down family dinners every night, proper Sunday dinners, dinner parties and more all being held in the dining room. With dining kitchens being much sought after yet hard to find the separate dining room has once more come back into favour.

From an interior design perspective it is lovely to see a properly set table, with tablecloths, mats, “proper” dining sets and beautiful centrepieces regardless of the occasion.

Dining rooms are often once more overlooked when it comes to being an ideal storage space. Welsh dressers or their more modern counterpart, sideboards and more hold crockery, table linens, cutlery and any other items used in the room. Thankfully dining room furniture may be both useful and attractive.

The Multi-Purpose Room
While the dining room should be primarily for eating and entertaining this would result in a lot of “dead” space in your home during the day. Use your dining room wisely for children’s homework (away from the TV and out of the kitchen where distractions are easy to spot), for informal catch-ups with friends, as a home office and more. How you’ll use your room will depend on your family and your lifestyle. The key is to make the room work for you which is easy to do with cleverly chosen and arranged furniture.

Décor Choices
A dining room needs two things, plenty of light and a spectacular table.  Mirrors, fresh flowers, photographs and more maybe placed around the room to create a look which works with the size and shape of the space as well as your individual tastes. Try to keep clutter to a minimum and your once forgotten dining room could once again be a thing of beauty and a real asset to both the design and practical use of your home.