Clutter Be Gone

Christmas brings joy as well as a lack of space in the kids’ bedrooms, it’s time to de clutter. As more presents arise, space can be at a premium in kids’ bedrooms and if you find the toys are taking over, then there is good chance a clear out is required.

One of the best ways is to get the children involved in clearing out their room, or even get it more organised, is by everyone getting involved. If left to their own devices, space under the bed and inside wardrobes is where the majority of clutter will end up. You could also encourage them to earn money from the things they no longer use, by either selling it online through auctions sites or a car boot sale.

The easiest way is to label some bags or boxes, with throw, sell, keep and charity. If you think there maybe some future collectibles in there, name it ‘attic’. Remember some of the items can be recycled, so you may want a bag for that.  The next phase is to go through everything; this is a perfect job for a cold blustery day at the weekend, especially if the kid’s aren’t thinking they are missing out on anything.

Don’t forget about the toys in the bathroom or the playhouse, in fact, toys are probably lurking everywhere. Kid’s will get more excited knowing they have a bedroom waiting for new additions and also the possibility of earning some pocket money out of it, plus a tidy room means a happy parent.