How to Create the Perfect Traditional Christmas

With Christmas just a matter of days away, you may think that you’re out of time in terms of decorating, however, fear not, with a few decorations and some patience, you can transform your home into a traditional Christmas wonderland.

We have shared some of our favourite festive decoration tips below.

Christmas Tree

This is the feature piece of any room and for good reason too! Whether you opt for a real tree or not, the method is almost identical, you need to settle on a theme and go with it.

If you’re looking for a traditional Christmas tree, you can’t go wrong with red and gold, the staple colours of a festive, traditional Christmas.

You can purchase hundreds of different styles of baubles and decorations or if you’re feeling brave why not try your hand at making your own, they will be a lovely memento of the festive season that you can use year in year out.

Decorating the Table

Garlands, pine cones, candles, these are friends when decorating your table traditionally! Decorating the tables around your home can make a huge difference, especially the smaller console tables.

You could even add a few fairy lights to brighten things up. It may seem like a small task but taking the time to decorate your tables will make your guests feel incredibly festive and welcome.


Creating your own wreath is not only incredible simple it is hugely effective and the best part, you can design your wreath to you Christmas style.

You can also make large ones, for your door and little ones to pop all around your home and nothing says festive cheer like a homemade wreath.

Mince Pies

Now these are not strictly a decoration, however they are an integral part of any Christmas.

Whether you have puff pastry or short crust pastry, one thing is for sure, these festive delights give you a taste of Christmas with every mouthful! As an extra special touch why not try some pine icing sugar.


However you decide to decorate your home this year just remember to enjoy the festivities, maybe with a mince pie or 2 :)

How to create the Perfect Nordic Christmas Theme

With Christmas just a few days away there is still plenty of time to create the perfect festive theme throughout your home.

One of the biggest trends this Christmas season is to go Nordic. The reason the Nordic theme is so popular is due to its simplicity yet effectiveness and nothing says festive like a stack of logs, stags and knitted items.

This simplicity can be achieved by bringing the outside in, so imagine lots of lovely nature inspired elements, with candlelight, with red, white and wood tones throughout.

There are several key elements to a Nordic theme, we have shared some of our favourite must haves below.

Heart Lanterns

These are absolutely perfect for creating a warming ambience, while bringing the outside in. You can pop them on your sideboard, around your living room, in the kitchen, basically anywhere you want to add a ‘Nordic’ touch.

Felt Decorations

Nothing says Nordic quite like red and white felt decorations! You can have them in almost any shape, with hearts and stars being a popular choice. They add a special touch to your tree, or you can even dot them all around your home to carry the theme through.


Now, this doesn’t have to be a real life stag head, you can go ceramic, wooden or even plastic. Over the mantelpiece is the traditional place to put them, but you can of course put them anywhere around your home. These are a real statement piece and can really bring the room together.

Faux Fur Throws

Is there anything more Nordic than fur? Well, there might be, but in terms of a Nordic theme, a fur blanket is an absolute must! Just imagine relaxing in front of a beautiful open fire with a faux fur blanket draped over you, while your sipping a nice mulled wine.


These are just a handful of ways that you can bring the ‘Nordic’ theme into your home this festive season.

Making the Most of Your Small Master Bedroom

Not everyone is blessed with a large master bedroom, either not having a home with large bedrooms or having sacrificed the master to the children or as home office space. Having a smaller bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean having to compromise on style.

With some clever planning there is no reason why a smaller bedroom can’t be every bit as splendid as a generously sized master.

Modular Furniture
Using modular bedroom furniture works brilliantly in all room sizes however it is particularly useful for maximising storage space in smaller bedrooms. Designing wardrobes and similar to work around the shape of your room, something very handy in older houses with fireplaces in bedrooms, means that no space is wasted.


Maximise Your Storage Potential
To give you more room to store items in a smaller bedroom it might be wise to consider choosing furniture which offers additional storage space in the form of under dressing table drawers or bedside tables with cupboard and / or drawer space. This enables you to leave your surfaces clear and still have everything to hand that you want. Fortunately furniture which boasts extra storage potential does not need to be functional and ugly; far from it in fact.

Use the Walls
Clutter is often a problem in smaller rooms however if you utilise the storage as discussed above and also use your wall space this issue could be dramatically reduced if not eliminated. Why not use attractive wall-mounted shelving to house items off dressing tables and bedside tables, using pretty storage boxes, tray or baskets.

A novel way to hang practical items such as jewellery would be to create a fabric covered pin-board or hang them on, or utilise ornate photo frames (minus the glass). Making a feature of pieces in this way adds to the design of the room and also makes the most of the space available.

hang jewellery                                                              Photo credit

Light is Your Friend
One problem many smaller bedrooms suffer from is a lack of light which may cause the room to look darker then it is and often smaller. Choose lighter coloured wood furniture, invest in window dressing which maximises privacy as well as allows as much light in as possible and where applicable use mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and also serve when placed correctly to make a room appear bigger than it is.

Choose Your Colour Scheme Wisely
In the same way that a small room with limited light makes a room look smaller so do dark colours. It isn’t necessary to create a pastel bedroom however if you want to incorporate a bright red or burgundy for example perhaps choose bedding and soft furnishing which use these colours on a lighter background.


Rather than being a room which causes problems, a smaller bedroom often offers the opportunity for you to unleash some rather clever and creative ideas so that you may enjoy a space that is unique to you, clutter free and looks attractive.

Building Attractive Displays of Favourite Items in Your Living Room

We all have favourite things; books, ornaments and pictures and naturally we want to see these out on display. The key of course is to do this without creating clutter and while at the same time incorporating these much treasured items into the overall design of the room.

Displaying Books
If you are an avid reader and have a collection of books you wish to have on hand in the lounge you need to look at the size of the books, whether they are hardback or paper covers and consider their colour. One very effective way to display books is to do so by colour order. Forget everything you thought you knew about grouping together hardbacks and paperbacks or arranging by size, this is the way forward in terms of top interior design book displays.

rainbowbookcase                                                               Photo credit

Similarly, if your book collection won’t lend itself to this type of display break books up into smaller groups and arrange them on your bookcases with favourite ornaments and items of interest between them, breaking up the books and creating a very visually pleasing display.

Use Display Cabinets
Incorporating treasures into your living space is part and parcel of interior design. What you do need to avoid of course is the cluttered appearance which so easily occurs when trying to display ornaments and special items. A great way to display items properly, especially those more precious pieces is within a display cabinet.

Choose a piece which fits with your existing living room furniture and decide whether you wish the cabinet to be lit up from inside, whether you want items behind glass doors or simply up on deep shelves. Once you’ve chosen the perfect display cabinet you may dress it to compliment your room, showing off items perfectly.

Using Sideboards to Display Key Items
Sideboards often feature in lounges and living rooms, offering extra storage in a practical and attractive way. While it is important not to clutter the tops of these sideboards they do provide the perfect space for a few special pieces, perhaps a couple of photo frames with family pictures, a favourite vase with fresh flowers or similar. Again it is important to ensure that not only are you mindful of the clutter; you must also ensure the items on display tie in somehow and work well with the overall design and feel of the space.

Effective interior design is not about creating a show home made up of the latest trends and no personality; when creating a living space for yourself you have a fabulous opportunity to play with colour, styles, different textiles and of course put your personal stamp on a room. This includes incorporating your much loved and treasured books, ornaments, pictures and more.

Arranging Your Perfect Dressing Table Area

Dressing table

If you intend on having a dressing table area in your bedroom or dressing room it is important to ensure that you set it up properly so that it is both functional and attractive. Here are some points to consider when choosing a dressing table and when setting it up for use.

What Space Do You Have and Need
If your dressing table is to be place in a large master bedroom you have the option to choose any sized piece of furniture. It would be wise to consider though not only the space required for the table but also the stool or chair and that there will be adequate room to move.

If you have a smaller bedroom maximise your space by placing the table against a wall and hang items, reducing clutter on the dressing table top. Consider how many beauty tools, toiletries, pieces of make-up and similar you will need to store when choosing which dressing table design will work best for you.

Storage Solutions
Dressing tables come in all shapes and sizes and while not all of them do, many include storage drawers underneath. Maximise storage by using decorative small drawers on the top of the table itself.

Using dividers inside drawers to section off areas for specific items such as jewellery, make-up, hair products (etc) will make using your dressing table more enjoyable and items certainly easier to find.

Let There Be Light
When dressing your hair, putting on make-up, painting your nails or taking care of any of the health and beauty tasks commonly done at the dressing table it is important to consider light levels. if you are able to place the dressing table near a source of natural light, such as the window, as well as with adequate ceiling light you won’t need to add a lamp or similar to your dressing table top. If not, look for a lamp which is bright, attractive and ideally won’t take up too much room. An illuminated mirror also boosts the light levels over a dressing table.

Choosing a Mirror
When choosing a mirror for your dressing table, or choosing a dressing table which comes with a mirror consider what you will be using the table for. For example, will you need a three sided mirror which curves around the back of the table, allowing you to see the front, sides and when turning the back of your hair? Will you want a mirror which may be tilted or are you looking ideally for a portable mirror which sports a higher level of magnification?
Keeping it Pretty
The key to keeping your dressing table pretty is to keep it clutter free. Why not mount open and ornate picture frames on the wall behind the table to use for hanging necklaces and earrings? Use hooks to keep your hairdryer and other hot styling tools off the top and off the floor.

Utilise the storage options you have and dress your dressing table making it a stylish addition to the room in its own right, adding perhaps a photo frame, pretty trinket boxes or even a bud vase.