Buying from Room4 is Safe

If done correctly, buying online is the safest way to shop. And with our premium customer service and products, we aim for it to be a rewarding way to shop.

It’s important for us for you to know the lengths that we’ve gone to do make your shopping experience with us 100% safe.

Our service to you.

Service is at the heart of everything we do. Our customer service members are trained to put themselves in your shoes and put you first. We promise that we will always strive to uphold these principles and will re-act if for any reason you feel we haven’t

Your protection.

Buying on-line is the safest way to shop as long as Retailers stick to well practiced policies and procedures. Your credit card details and data are be 100% protected at Room4.

Barclays EPQD information
We never see your credit card details. We use Barclays EPDQ leading secure payment service to process your payment, which means that their higly secure environment is the only place you will enter your payment details. It is a fully automated process and no person will see your payment details and you are totally safe to enter credit card information.

Our site is rigorously tested regularly by leading security company Security Metrics to ensure that any details you enter are safe from hackers. They also confirm that we are PCI compliant. PCI compliance is now the Banks key weapon in ensuring security of customers data and payment details. Amazingly many eRetailers are still not PCI compliant. Before buying anywhere you must insist on any website you shop from being compliant.

Comodo provide our site with an independantly verified 2048-bit encryption certificate. This allows us to encrypt all of the important areas of our site so that they are secure from hackers. This means that whenever you are entering ANY information about yourself it is safe as it is 'scrambled' to make it un-readable.